Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your Hands and Feet Are Mangos, but You're Gonna be a Genius Anyway

At school everyday, the kids get a fruit break which is pretty much their recess time as well. The fruit is like gold for the students. I have never once see a kid not take the fruit or not eat every last bit of it, no matter what kind of fruit it is. Even though they love all the fruit, my students tend to get extra excited when we have mangos. I’ve brought my camera with me on a few of these days and was able to capture the students enjoying their delicious snack. My camera has also served as entertainment for many students. The other volunteers and I will often hand over our cameras and let the students do the photography for a little while. With the magic of digital cameras, the kids can see the results instantly.

I wanted to share some of the best moments I’ve caught on film during mango day!




"Mango Song" -Phish

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  1. and our kids just throw food away....