Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Like Bad Medicine

I had a little setback here yesterday. Two nights ago, despite the fact I took Nyquil, I got absolutely no sleep. I mean NONE. Yesterday I did my best to make it through Spanish school. Equipped with tons of Kleenex, sanitizer, medicine, and vitamin-c chewables, I made the 25 minute walk over, feeling like I could die. I made it until noon, when I got very sick and was sent home. I actually think it might have been the medicine (bought in the US, not in Guatemala) that made me sick. I was disappointed I didn’t make it through the whole day, but there was nothing I could do. I headed to my house, spent the rest of the day in bed, and was SO much better today.

Spanish school is going really well. My teacher, Maria Marta, is great. We actually have real conversations in Spanish, which I was not expecting at all. We talk about the most random things. (No Debra, we did not have a conversation about circumcision; I’m not that good at Spanish!) But we did talk about how we don’t like others pushing their religions on us and how we identify more with the cultural aspects of our religions than the religious ones. She’s teaching me so much, but I actually think I’m teaching her a little too about things in my world, even with my limited vocabulary.

Today we played Spanish Scrabble against Lisa and her teacher, Sergio, and kicked some ass! Okay, so I totally guessed many of the words, but it turned out they were actual words so it counts. I get homework every night, and I strangely enjoy doing it. Quite a change from National Louis University. If Senor Bachman at GBN was half as interesting, I may have actually paid attention in Spanish in high school instead of taking those enjoyable siestas.

Every other store front in Antigua is a travel agency, literally. While I’m here there are so many things I am dying to do and so many places I want to visit! The first starts tomorrow, when four other volunteers and I go on a tour of a coffee plantation. It’s supposed to be beautiful and hopefully it won’t pour all day.

I’m glad I decided to stay an extra week after my volunteering is over. I feel like this country has endless possibilities and places to explore. I’ve only seen the tiniest bit, and already am longing for more. What I have seen has been very impressive. I can see how Americans can just pick up and move here. Tempting…

Another pic just for fun. It is LA Mercad Church in Antigua that I went to my first day here. So beautiful. The picture doesnt do it justice at all. Many more pictures to come.



“Bad Medicine” –Bon Jovi (Just for you Sam!)


  1. I am sitting here reading your blog with a HUGE smile on my face that I can't wipe off. I'm so, so, so happy you are having this experience. I TOLD you you'd have travel plans for the first weekend! I MISS YOU!! Please try calling me again soon...xoxoxoox

  2. Julie, your blog is so entertaining and educational. Despite your cold and the rainy weather, it sounds like you are having an unforgettable experience. What an incredible opportunity! I can't wait to read more about your adventures! P.S. I had a Spanish teacher named Mrs. Bachmann, and she was definitely no Maria Marta either!

  3. Julie, It sounds like you are really enjoying your Guatemala experience- look forward to reading your blog! Love and Miss you lots,

  4. En América una manzana al dia mantiene al doctor ausente; pero le pienso necesidad a la taza caliente de sopa de la tortilla.

  5. Joules, I just had a chance to catch up on your blog. . . LOVE IT!!!! xoxo